Beauty & Skin Maintenance

Whether it is prevention from premature aging, or the removal of an unwanted growth, we have the knowledge and the skills to give you just what you desire. We understand the largest organ in your body is your number one priority. From Botox® to subtly voluminous skin fillers, all that beauty you desire will be tailored, designed, specifically for you- ladies and gentlemen. We will pick up where Mother Nature left off. After all, a compliment here and there never hurt anyone.

Botox ® and Neuromodulators

One of our best-selling procedures for a safe, non-invasive way to get rid of pesky laugh and  frown lines, inquire about our most subtle treatment to refresh your appearance with no down time at all. Find out why we often refer to this product as liquid gold.  Specials may appear throughout the year, so be sure to follow up online via Instagram and Facebook to catch them while they last: @dermatologybydesign.  (Amount of units needed may vary patient to patient)


We carry a number of hyaluronic acid fillers to replenish facial volume in areas that have become hollowed over time.  Whether to rebuild your cheek structure or to rejuvenate your lips, when done properly by a board-certified dermatologist, people will not know what you did, but just that you look healthier and more vibrant. There may be no fountain of youth, but this stuff is pretty close to it.

Chemical Peels

We exclusively use PCA ® Brand Chemical Peels to offer one the most tried and true skin treatments over time to replenish moisture to the skin, correct pigmentary changes and irregular coloration, and to exfoliate dull skin to reveal the undamaged, glowing skin beneath.  We offer numerous depths of peels, some safe for acne prone, sensitive skin, and others more aggressive to penetrate and correct aging skin.  Our most popular peels are basically painless, come with little if any downtime, and exfoliation occurs 2-3 days after treatment.  Come in for a cosmetic consultation (can you highlight cosmetic consultation and link it to the email) to determine which peel is best for you.  We recommend a series of chemical peels depending on individual goals.  PCA ® offers the highest quality, efficacious ingredients at reasonable prices.

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